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Technical Rider:

1. Minimum height of the ceiling should be no lower than 4.5 metres (or 15 feet) for the full number, or 10 feet for the version that does not balance atop the structure (to be agreed upon prior to engagement).

2.  The performance space provided should be no smaller than 2.5 metres in diameter (or 8 ft)

3.  The floor should be flat.

4.  Lighting requirements:  No shadowing in front of the structure, prevented by either less back-lighting or a strong wash on the floor in front of the structure.  Otherwise, average theatrical lighting is ideal.  No strobing or moving lights.

5.  An adequate sound system should be provided.

6.  A minimum of 1 hour should be provided to set up and rehearse in full lighting and sound.

7.  FLIGHT LUGGAGE:  1 piece of luggage at 50lbs (23 kg), and 1 piece at 70lbs (32 kg).